Disney World Vacation, December 2011

Day 5, December 22

1st day of winter. 83 degrees and sunny at Universal Studios City Walk and Margaritaville

At Universal Studios in Orlando, City Walk. Andrew surfing.

City Walk

Inside Margaritivalle Orlando, the ceiling had a plane about to land on our table. All three of us had Cheeseburgers in Paradise.

The Sirius Satelite channel, Margaritaville was airing live from right here in Margaritaville Orlando while we were there. JD Spradlin was the DJ, heard all over the world as we watched. Radio Margaritaville

We hopped off of I-95 at the first Virginia exit on the way back home in Skippers, Va, near the N.C. border. I had to let Andrew see the graves of his great grandmother and great-great grandmother and grandfather. We don't frequent down this area much and while the sun was just about gone, we decided to stop at Corinth Methodist Chruch Graveyard in Greensville County. None of this Disney stuff and vacation we just went on would have been possible without lives and hard work of our ancestors before us. We are gratefull for the opportunity to experience such a dream vacation. One they were never able to have. But they were in our hearts the whole time.

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