Disney World Vacation, December 2011

Day 2, December 19

From the parking lot, you have to take a tram to either a boat, which we did, or the monorail to get to the main gates at Magic Kingdom.

Spent a bunch of money for this trip, and I'm taking pics of birds! This guy was feeding the birds from the boat.

We made it inside the park! We're at Disney World!

The Haunted Mansion! This was a good way to begin the day. The following pics of tombstones are of the cemetery surrounding the mansion. YOu should read the tombstones carefully. I read that all the names on them are of the imagineers and their family members who helped design the attractions within the mansion.

Andrew digging the time in the cemetery.

The Christmas Parade w/ Mickey. We were on Tom Sawyer Island, where it is much more quiet, where we sat for a snack while watching the parade and the steamboat (below) go by.

This is a pic of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad rollercoaster. This was Andrew's first roller coaster, though apprehensive at first, he wanted to do it again and was so excited. We were able to get the very back seat.

I'm not good w/ the names of these characters, but, this bear wanted to dance w/ Andrew and Andrew had nothing to do with that. Judging from the looks of this ugly thing, I don't blame him one bit. It was part of the Country Bear Jamboree where the characters come out of nowhere and clear an area in the crowd and start to dance and get the crowd involved.

This Liberty Bell is in Liberty Square, not far from the Hall of Presidents. This bell was cast from the actual casting of the original Liberty Bell that is in Philly. It is called a second generation Liberty Bell.

You have to keep an eye on the castle because every few minutes it changes colors. True magic in the Magic Kingdom.

We did Pirates of the Caribbean as well

The Hall of Presidents

Andrew causing us to spin on the tea cups.

We didn't hang around for the electric parade or fireworks. It was a long day as it was. Perhaps Thursday we will go back in the evening.

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