Disney World Vacation, December 2011

Disney Hollywood Studios

Day 4, December 21

As we entered Disney's Hollywood Studios, being a big Fantasia fan, I notice this...waling broomsticks and all

Ever seen Toy Story, Soldier?!?!

Andrew's favorite character in Pluto

Again, the big Fantasia fan is the webmast, so bear with him, hmm, me.

Walt Disney's office just as it was way back when...with Andrew looking on in the reflection.

The model of the Tree of Life that is the focal attraction in Animal Kingdom

The Tower of Terror is calling us!! The set is the tall "The Hollywood Tower Hotel" which was abondonded in the '40's because of the "The Twiglight Zone".

Wow, what a family

Andrew feeling his heart race out of his chest after the Tower of Terror!

The Fantasia hat is the focal point of Disney's Hollywood Studios. If this hat were true to size, Mickey would have to be 350 feet tall to wear it.

In front of Miss Piggy fountain, near the Muppets 3D adventure. Very funny film.

A padawa is in training to become a Jedi Knight

What a move!! Darth Maul will have nothing on him!

I think Darth maul met his match

Andrew practicing his new learned skills of fighting with a light saber..I better watch out and never match with him.

The parade with Mr. Potato Head walking down the street

Even Andrew liked this '41 Caddy

Next experience....Fantasmic...I couldn't wait.

Front row for Fantasmic....an experience loosely based on Fantasia with mist from the water being the screen for the animation being projected on it. This was a great play.

The finale for the day was a walk through the Osborne Dancing light show. The lights were computerized to dance along with the music. very nice.

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The centerpiece of the Disney Hollywood Studios Theme Park is this Fantasia Mickey Mouse hat. If Mickey was to fit this hat, he would be about 350 feet tall!

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