The Final Launch of the Discovery, February 24, 2011

The 39th Mission for this work horse of the Shuttle Program

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The separation of the two rocket boosters are clearly visible, though, due to windy conditions on the bridge, the camera was hard to keep still.

I think Andrew really enjoyed this trip and seeing the Space Shuttle lift off. Something I hope he'll never forget. I was slightly older than he when my family went to the Kennedy Space Center in the mid-'70's and recall the largest object I had ever seen--A Saturn V rocket, the type that propelled the Apollo moon missions into space.
This shuttle launch is something that he didn't see on TV, he was there, live when it happened. And, he now knows how long it takes to drive across five states! I don't know how many times I repeated the order of the states we drove through. He kept asking, "which state are we in now?" and "Which states are left?" Say it with me, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida. How else would the little guy learn?

We could feel the blast of wind from that shuttle so much, it permanently effected Andrew's hair!!!

The smoke lingers for quite a while

NASA helicopter taking pics of the 250,000 spectators watching the grand finale of the Shuttle Discovery. They are taking pictures of us, taking pictures of them, taking pictures of us who are taking pictures of them.

The price of gas for the entire trip--$170
The hotel cost (one night, since after the launch, I drove all 750 miles back) - $50
Spending time with my son during such a memorable trip - priceless!!

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Updated Feb 25, 2011

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