The Final Launch of the Discovery, February 24, 2011

The 39th Mission for this work horse of the Shuttle Program

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Finally, after the built in 45 minute hold at T minus 9 minutes, at 4:41pm, nine minutes left. That time goes fast when caught up in the excitement!

Shot with my 500mm telephoto lens using a 2x coupler on my 25 year old Canon SLR 35 mm. I used ASA 200 Kodak film. Soon, very soon, I am going to get a digital SLR camera. But, I have so many lenses and couplers for my 35mm, I had to use that. Of course, the F-lens mounts on older cameras will not work on digital SLR's. Go figure.

Not bad considering i was 10.5 miles away from launch pad 39A. We were on the Titusville to Merritt Island Bridge, which is brand new and newly opened--route 402 in north Titusville.
Notice how, starting from this pic, through the next few pictures, the shuttle rotates from the right side of the tank, over towards its right and eventually ends up below the external tank.

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Updated Feb 25, 2011

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