Christmas when I was 15

I was about 14 here catching 2 fish at a time near Deltaville

OK, here it is. 12 years old going to a dance

Running in High School, about 15 yrso old overtaking a runner to my left

Off to college in '86. I still love that ole '68 Mustang

Nice Shirt--the Mad Bomber! I remember that well. What was this, 3rd, 4th grade?

I loved rebuilding engines, even at 16 years old

a big turkey...19 3/4 lbs. I'll never forget that one.

College chums while in Georgetown the night Washington Redskins beat Denver in the Super Bowl Jan. 1988

completing the 1987 Richmond Marathon, yes, all 26.2 miles!

My first Car

Before and After in the engine compartment, a week before the car show

Winning second place for the '65-'66 Concours correct at the National Capitol Region Mustang Club in Laurel, Md one week after gutting and redoing the upholstery and interior.

My two Wimbledon White '65's, including a '65 Mustang GT Mustang Convertible. Both with Palomino Interior.

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