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In old English, my last name 'Delbridge' translates to 'Dell' meaning valley (ie: old children's song, 'The Farmer in the Dell') and of course 'Bridge'= Valley Bridge- Valley Bridge Lyrics. Take a look at the lyrics and drop me a line as to what you think about them.
I envision these lyrics as fitting the bluegrass or country (country and western) genres.

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Meet the Man Half Way

Going To The Mountain

Two Voices

The Dream

Our Love Won't Be A Memory

I'm Still Falling For You

City Fool

Me Plus You

So Much Confusion

Pain Is Like Rain

Change of Heart

Unmarked Graves

Prescription Alcohol

Preception Deception

That Ain't Life

The Next Wave

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Go to Valley Bridge

Go to Valley Bridge
Valley Bridge Lyrics ValleyBridge Lyrics Two voices

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Updated January, 2011

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