The Next Wave

Copyright Registered with the Library of Congress as: Delbridge Lyrics Volume 1
© 2010 J. Andy Delbridge /

Stood on the beach, something became clear to me
As its journey ends each wave fades back to the sea
Only sand separates the sea from us on land
When our journey ends we become a memory

I had a notion since the ocean remains in motion
That life on land is similar to that of the sea
Like our ancestors who left so brave to their grave
Our journey will end to make room for the next wave

I canoed down the river at twilight just to relax
I heard a rumble, but the water seemed smooth as glass
Suddenly my bow fell --Waterfall! I yelled
My life passed before me in an instant flash

I tried to answer when I heard my name
I seem to rise in the air-- it feels so strange
Am I like the wave being called back to sea?
Not walking, not flying, I cannot explain

Repeat Chorus

It seems too real to be considered a dream
Iím thinking St. Peter, what does all this mean?
Thereís a gate ahead but I notice itís locked
ďYour time has not comeĒ, a voice called out to me


I count my lucky stars since then

I havenít reached the shore at journeyís end

Iím thankful for my time in motin

One day Iíll proudly approach those gates again


Repeat Chorus


My journey will end someday, but just not today


315 Sept 13 2010