I started playing with the phrase 'Life Is Blue Without You' after thinking what my life would be like without my wife. After the words started appearing on my page, I realized that I take so much for granted on a daily basis. It's like one of those things that you don't realize what you have 'til it's gone. Luckily, I realize this before I ever have to lose what I cherish the most. This is sort of a second chance to understand that my home with her is my Xanadu.

The Dream

© 2011 J. Andy Delbridge (registered through the U.S. LIbrary of Congress Copyright Office, Jan. 2011)

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Caught up in living life
Just getting through each day
To realize what I have
‘Til it is taken away

We were shocked by the news
The rug pulled from our feet
She was on borrowed time
‘Til she passed in her sleep

I look to the sky and say...
“A rainbow turns only blue
Since I can’t share it with you
I’m on a sailboat with no wind
Going as fast as I want to
Life is so blue without you”

I walk into our room
Open the closet door
Straighten her hanging clothes
Leave her shoes on the floor

I spray her perfume
Let it float through the air
I would then close my eyes
And imagine she was there

I look to the sky and say...
“Blue skies are so blue
Since I can’t share them with you
I’m on a train with no tracks
Going as far as I want to
Life is so blue without you”

Movement in my bed
Startled me from my sleep
This had all been a dream
She’s waking next to me

So thankful it was a dream
A chance for me to see
Took for granted so long
What my wife means to me

I look at her and say...
“My life would be so blue
If I couldn’t share it with you
Relieved that I’m with you
I awoke in Xanadu
Only one thing to conclude
I will always love you”

233 1/9/11

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Updated January, 2011

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