That Ain't Life

Copyright Registered with the Library of Congress as: Delbridge Lyrics Volume 1
© 2010 J. Andy Delbridge /

As a kid I wanted to be a millionaire
Flyin’ in the air sittin’ in my pilot’s chair
Lookin’ down on all the little people below
I guess I thought ‘that is the life’

Impossible deadlines working 18 hour days
I hope I get wiser as I age
I don’t see the fun in that rat race
I realized I was wrong, no, no, that ain’t life

No keeping score - No win or lose
No country club fees, no pool I can’t use
No sending my kid to school at a faraway place
Only twice a year to see his face
Won’t become a servant to that way life - No, no, that ain’t life

I am one of those little people now
I make a living with the sweat of my brow
I put in my forty-hour week
Live my weekends without stress – yeah, this is life

I come home to a loving wife
My little boy runs up and hugs me tight
"Look what I made today, daddy"
It’s priceless - Ah, yeah, this is life

Repeat Chorus:

Go to the furnace room with my box of tools
Junior follows me with his plastic ones too
A four-letter word slips from my mouth
He says, ‘I won’t tell, you won’t get time out’ -Yeah, yeah, this is life

When the truck breaks down, well that’s ok
I may wear a little grease for a day
But when the job’s done the truck she purrs
Feel gratified, Oh yeah – this is life, yes sir

Repeat Chorus:

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