This was one of my first real tries at song writing. It has gone through so many trying editions and downsizing that it seemed to never end. At one point, this song was two full pages and 523 words. I had worked so hard on it and kept adding neat verses, all of which I was very proud of. I had so many ways to detail the hardships of looking for life's partner. I soon realized I needed to cut the fat and cut the words way down. I learned a lot from writing this song, especially to keep it simple and stop repeating the same ideas with different creative words--you can get to infinite sizes by having no limits. As it stands now, I think, after what seems hundreds of hours of editing this song, it is one of my best. The chorus has quite a hook when singing it what I consider the correct way. I find myself singing this song all the is very catchy, which is perfect for a song. After hearing it a few times, you'll find yourself singing it in your mind while are work. "I had faith that perhaps one day / I'd find that needle in a stack of hay". Then, to change the chorus at the end to show my relief of finding the right person...I'm amazed I wrote this, I love it so much. "There much confusion/ true love was such an illusion/ to find that one and only/ so life will not be lonely..." Wow. This is dedicated to my Miss Right, Debra, who took the confusion and illusion out of true love for me. "My faith was answered that one fine day / I found my needle in that stack of hay".

So Much Confusion

2010 J. Andy Delbridge (Registered with the U.S. Library of Congress Copyright Office, september, 2010)

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I stayed as busy as I could be
Trying to find that special one for me
Trying everything with passion
Even dressed in the latest fashion

There was...
So much confusion
True love was such an illusion
To find that one and only
So life would not be lonely
I kept...
Looking for my Miss Right
But she never was within sight
I had faith that perhaps one day
Id find that needle in a stack of hay

So many from which to choose
But that special one would still elude
Give me my soul mate or give me death
Determined to search til my final breath

I wished upon a shooting star above
To help me find my one true love
I never walked under a ladder
Just in case superstitions mattered

Repeat Chorus

I decided to make a change
No more acting out those silly games
So I sold the sports car, wore real clothes
Back to the real me from head to toes

Then finally we met by chance
And my heart was so happy it wanted to dance
That day I slipped that ring on you
It was an easy promise to always be true

(As Chorus)
No longer is there...
Such confusion
True love is not an illusion
I found my one and only
No longer will I be lonely
I found my...
One Miss Right
And she is quite a sight
My faith was answered that one fine day
I found that needle in that stack of hay

248/300 9/06/10

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