Prescription Alcohol

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© 2010 J. Andy Delbridge /

She was the answer to my prayers
We opened our hearts Ďtil death do us part
Went to see my best friend Jim - there was her car

Too angry to confront her at that time
Fire in my eyes -so I just drove on blind
I thought Jim was a better friend of mine

They have drugs for everything
Anger, depression, ADD
Doctors have nothing that I need
Tonight Iím changiní protocol
Dr. Bartender, I need Prescription Alcohol

Next day my birthday--no wish, not even a kiss
Had the day off since it was my big day
Went to my hang out to drink my sorrow away

Keeping track of time by number of drinks
But after a while it all becomes a blur
I talk to any ears I see in my drunken slur

Repeat Chorus

She calls my cell to see where I am
I got syrum running thru my veins
Iím brave enough to tell her my pain

Angry, she explains she visited all my friends
Your house is full of people for a surprise party
Took a cab back home though I was tardy

And I told everyone

(as chorus:)
They make drugs for everything
Anger, depression, ADD
They have nothing for stupidity
Feel as smart as a neanderthal
No more prescription alcohol
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