Perception Deception

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© 2010 J. Andy Delbridge /

Driving in a new car at last
Topped off with a tank full of gas
Tried not to abuse this new power
Rode around for nearly an hour
In my mirror blue lights approach fast

Perception Deception
Is receiving what is deceiving
Leads to incorrect perceiving
Believing the misleading

Taking the boat out for a ride
Nice day not a cloud in the sky
Quite a distance from the nearest land
As the boat bottoms out on the sand
Have to wait til the tide to turn high

Repeat Chorus

I heard someone call my name
I turned to obtain who exclaimed
‘Twas just an audible hallucination
My ears echoed a false sensation
In the area, I was all that remained

Repeat Chorus

Dating a year, laughed at jokes ‘til we teared
Spilled our most private feelings over a beer
I had the feeling it was all so right
She lately saw it in a different light
I awoke with a Dear John, my worst fear

Repeat Chorus

207 Aug 28, 2010