Our October 2009 trip to Nags Head

A leisurely canoe trip in the Alligator National Wildlife Refuge about 10 miles inland from the Outer banks of N.C.

Off in the distance I was watching two military F-15's training all afternoon. About 5 miles south is one the target ranges for military jets. I could watch a plane shoot flares to a plane in front of it while they both took aggressive maneuvers. That was entertaining.

This is part of the Milltail Canoe Trails in the Aligator National Wildlife Refuge.

Milltail Creek used to be a lumber town a century ago called Buffalo City, N.c. There is now no evidence of this former rather large town. It lasted after the lumber industry in the area died down by being known for making moonshine. Finally by the 1930's, the last of its inhabitants left to return this area to its natural state.

The military jets were too far away to take decent pictures of. But i could clearly watch them while drifting in my canoe while they practiced their maneuvers.

Andrew pointing to a tug boat going through the Oregon Inlet

Andrew playing under the Oregon Inlet Bridge

The Bodie Island Lighthouse near Oregon Inlet

The National Park Service moved some of the original dependent buildings of the lighthouse closer to the lighthouse entrance

Andrew found a buoy that had lost its anchor and drifted onto the beach

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Updated Oct 20, 2009

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