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Lyme Disease is on the rise and is a very serious disease and not understood by most in the medical field. Many times, Lyme Disease is misdiagnosed as ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Bell's Palsy, MS, arthritis, Fibryomyalgia, chronic depression, among many other chronic diseases. The trick is to catch it and diagnose it correctly early, before the bacteria get a chance to take hold in not only the bloodstream, but, the muscualar system, and nervous system, including the brain. If caught early (correctly diagnosed) and treated correctly, these chronic problems can be avoided in most cases. Whenever you have a day of fever, muscualar aches, and severe headaches (and sensitivity to bright light) that aren't associated with the flu or cold as in my case (I had no congestion, runny nose, sore throat, etc.), ensure the doctor tests your blood for Lyme Disease (ELISA and Western Blot test). Immediate antibiotic medication is imperative to avoid Chronic Lyme--which is many more times harder to diagnose and treat. Many times health insurance will not cover medications for "chronic" Lyme because it leads to certain other diseases--they will treat those spin-off diseases but not the underlying reason for those diseases (Spriochete bacteria invading the nervous system and brain and joints, etc..). The correct treatment for Chronic Lyme is years of IV antibiotics and it is expensive. Not all doctors agree there is a such thing as Chronic Lyme. The CDC calls it Post-Lyme Disease and treats the spin-off complications, but not what is proven to rid Chronic Lyme. To put it simply, doctors and the CDC are pressured by the academians who have "no" clinical experience. These doctors do not see patients. These doctors have no clinical experience. These doctors simply read the research of other academics who, too, have no clinical experience. They sit behind a desk and decide what gets published in prestigious medical journals. They don't beleive what the doctors 'in the field' are finding out. Because academic doctors don't recognize Chronic Lyme, insurance companies, who are in it for a profit, don't want to recognize Chronic Lyme.

Please view this youtube film......WJZ CBS 13 in Maryland report on Lyme Disease fatalities if not diagnosed correctly.

An entire family has Lyme and their insurance won't pay the tens of thousands of dollars to treat it. Click here.

Lyme Disease rips your mind up when it invades your brain. Check out this video. This is scary stuff.

Excellent description of the bacterial spirochetes that invade the body when infected with Lyme Disease and the effects of not treating early. It will lead to MS, Bell's Palsy, arthritis, chronic fatigue and fibromyalsia. Check this great video out here.

This Link leads to a documentary that every hiker, camper, doctor, anyone who steps foot outdoors and treats those, should see. PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE TRAILER FROM THIS LINK.

Please take precautions when outdoors. Wear insect repellant like 30% deet and check for ticks!! If infected and not treated right away, it can lead to permanent disabilities!

This Link leads to an Amazon page about a marvelous book on the story of a whole family effected by the disease, what they learned about it, and what they learned the medical field doesn't know about the benefits of continued treatments. PLEASE READ THE FIRST-PERSON ACCOUNTS IN THE REVIEWS SECTION ON AMAZON.

Not all Lyme Disease starts with the popular 'bullseye' mark on the skin, three to thirty days after the tick bite. I was diagnosed August 3, 2010, the day after I visited a doctor and the blood results came in. The day of the visit I remember clearly Dr. "A" asking me three times if I recall being bitten by a tick. Not only did I not recall being bitten, there had been no rash the previous month. I have read that up to 60% of Lyme Disease sufferers never had a noticeable rash. This was my first visit to a doctor after developing fever symptoms including chills and sweats, along with muscular aches and severe headaches. I was negative on the flu, strep, and unrine tests (white blood cells fine). Dr. "A" initially thought I had a kidney infection or stones (history of that). I received a shot of antibiotics. Finally the blood samples resulted in the Lyme Disease diagnosis the next day. I was a lucky one to get diagnosed right away. The doctor ordered the correct tests immediately. I was immediately put on a two-week antibiotics plan (Minocycline 100mg 2xday). I am feeling better already (Aug. 7).

UPDATE: On Aug. 10, after seeing my primary doctor Dr. "M", (who was on vacation the week before) he wanted to discuss my case with an infectious disease specialist. He wasn't sure my blood test was positive for Lyme--there was only one band showing positive (of 3 bands). But, after doing my research, band 41, which I showed positive, means there is a protozoan in me that moves with a whip (flagella). Band 39 usually doesn't show positive right away.

So, I told the doctor, in two weeks I may show positive on 2 of the 3 bands, which is what is needed to "officially" be considered positive for Lyme. My doctor agreed that band 39 may be positive in a week or two. But, I don't want the spriochete bacteria to get a jump on my immune system by two more weeks! (As it was, I didn't know when I actually became infected--it could've been weeks prior before my symptoms began). If not treated right away, Lyme Disease becomes Chronic Lyme Disease, which leads to MS, ALS, arthritis, meningitis, Bell's Palsy, Fibromyalsia, chronic depression, Lupus, paralysis and other nasty things after it invades the brain and nervous system for a few months.

I'd rather error on the side of caution. The doctor was gracious enough to listen to me and I am thankful. So, I was prescribed three weeks of Doxycycline 100mg 2x a day. We will recheck blood then. I feel the antibiotics will most likely mess up any future blood test (probably show negative on Lyme), while I am on antibiotics, so, tests in three weeks probably won't show much. There is much evidence showing that the Western Blot, many times, will show negative when the patient is actually positive. I would rather be safe than sorry. I don't want, a year from now, to wish I had pushed my doctor or received a second opinion. I am glad Dr. "M" sided with me on this one. I will not be one of the ones who "should" have been diagnosed with Lyme when it could've been easier to treat--in it's early stages. I am treating it just in case.

My goal is publishing this info here is to people familiar with the dangers of these pesky, nasty little ticks. Please be cautious. And, most importantly, if your gut feeling even hints that the doc is wrong when you have similar symptoms, PUSH THE ISSUE!--it's not the doc's body.

Please take time to review these video clips and the informative sites I link to below. You will learn a lot.

A person's story of his missed diagnosed Lyme disease infection and his new doctor, Dr. John Aucott, Baltimore, Md.

ABC News Story on Lyme disease documentary.

YouTube link on Lyme Disease documentary.

Another clip of the documentary Under our Skin. Another here explains why we don't know much about Lyme Disease. Even though Federal money is being spent on research, the professors and researchers, since the finding of the origins of Lyme in 1981, are keeping their findings private for future profits.

Interesting clips of info concerning chronic Lyme Disease here.

Another here explains why we don't know much about Lyme Disease. Even though Federal money is being spent on research, the professors and researchers, since the finding of the origins of Lyme in 1981, are keeping their findings private for future profits.

Interesting info on Lyme Disease

Another person's story of chronic Lyme on this video.

A New York investigative journalist digs up some great info in this 30 minute video.

There are two PDF files that are very informative that goes agaisnt the philosophy the CDC wants to spread--because of Health Insurance Companies dosn't want to recognize Chronic Lyme. Also, beware of IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America), who too are anti Chronic Lyme. Anyway, the following pdf's are terrific and full of info. This one is a pdf on the Guidelines for the Management of Lyme Disease published by the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS).

This one is published by Dr. Joe Burracano, LLMD (Lyme Literate MD) from New York. It is the Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease, a 37-page report full of extremely usefull information on Lyme by a pioneer in the field.

The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) website. This organization is great! They know, based on case studies and the research of special doctors, that there is a sush thing as Chronic Lyme, going against the HMO corporate pressured CDC who call it Post Lyme.

The Lyme Disease Network website. website.

The Lyme Disease Association, Inc. website. website.

The IGeneX Labratories, which specialize in Lyme blood tests. Website is here.

The LymeLite Blog. website

Explaining Western Blot Tests from the Lymelite Blog.

LymeMD BlogSpot about Dr. Joe Burrascano, LLMD and his treatment plan.

CDC websitses on Babesiosis here, here, here, and here.

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