This site shows the removal of a tired (165k miles) 350 from a 79 chevy big 10 and the installation of a 383 stroker

Since a 383 stroker is simply a 350 with a 400ci crank along with a 400ci flexplate and harmonic balancer, everything that came from the 350 (alt, starter, waterpump, power steering) bolts right back up to the 383. This is the simplest engine swap that will dramatically increase hp and torque. There is a reason they call these engines "Stump Pullers".

Some of the things I needed before the project began (April 2004) was:

the new 383 (ordered April 12 -$2,800.00)(received 4/26) 335 hp 4 bolt main 415 ft lbs torque.

Spec sheet on the 383 motor Click here

I replaced the 3-core radiator w/ a 4-core ($198.00). This is a full 1 inch wider. 2.5 vs. 3.5 inches for the 4 core.

A new egr valve (keeping the stock egr system w/ all vacuum lines, charcoal canister, etc.)

A new Quadrajet carb ($470.00 from PAW). It needed no adjustment. I was pleasantly surprised.

Class IV hitch, 7 pin plug adapter, Gabriel Hijacker air shocks (200psi)

A new TVS for the thermostadt housing. Four vacuum lines hook to this.

Also needed little things like: exhaust gaskets, spark plugs, external tranny cooler, new vacuum lines, fan belts, heater core hoses, radiator hoses, motor mounts, pcv valve, water pump,transmission fluid, fan studs, HEI distributor cap-rotor-coil,etc

Above is the old motor.

Above is the new motor,after 6 evenings of hard work, installed!! Notice the aluminum intake and stickers on radiator hose and fan belts. Hard to tell it is a different motor w/ all the stuff on it.

The rear end gear is 3:08, kinda high for pulling, but I gotta keep it for now.

I replaced the stock th350 tranny. (the old one had 165k miles on it). The new tranny is a th350c....has the lock up feature. I intalled a toggle switch near the dash board and ran 12 volt current to the plug on the tranny. When cruising in 3rd gear, I flip the switch and watch the rpm's fall-locking up the torque converter. This creates a true 1:1 gear ratio w/ no slippage. This is sort of like a manual transmission in high gear. Creates better fuel efficiency.

I adapted this old Detroit metal (actually built in Baltimore according the VIN) into an 8,000 lb towing machine.

Sway bar attachment Click here

I can now enjoy pulling my camper to bluegrass festivals.

Del Mcory

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Updated June 22, 2004

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