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"To infinity, and beyond!" Buzz Lightyear

Infinite: noun. 1. not measurable: without any limits that can be measured or realized 2. exceedingly great: very great in size, number, degree, or extent. Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2004. © 1993-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Webmaster: Andy Delbridge, collector of too many books and a Bonafide Bibliophile

"I cannot live without books." - Thomas Jefferson, June 10, 1815
"My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read." - Abraham Lincoln

I started this site to keep track of my many, many books. To best describe my ever-increasing collection is to call it an Infinite B∞kshelf.

It is a slow, tedious process to catalog my books and give a brief description of each. Listing a bibliophile's thousands of books is a much more challenging task than originally presumed. What is seen is merely what I have completed listing thus far, about 2500 books (as of November 7, 2010). I simply have about 2,000 more to go. By the time I reach that, my collection will have grown to who-knows how many more books. Thanks to a self storage unit nearby, I am not limited to the interior wall space of my house, which, with over a dozen windows, makes it a challenge to find suitable wall space for more than one bookshelf, which, by the way, holds an ever-changing smaller selection of books of what interests me at any given time. Another advantage of storing my collection in more than one place is, like the old saying about having all your eggs in one basket, a bibliophile's worst nightmare, house fire, will not seem reminiscent of a Stephen King horror-filled plot. Therefore, it is apparent, as my number of books grows, the list may never reach total completion. Infinity, by definition, means having 'no finality'-- no end, no boundary. As a true bibliophile, my list of the books I own, too, will have no finality, though I strive to reach as near a conclusion as time and laws of reality allow.

With your speaker volume turned up, with pride, I present...

My Infinite List of Books

If you enjoy books and frequent the internet sites and booksellers, you may have seen the term 'Deckle Edge' next to a book descriptionn. I started noticing this term in the past couple of months and now realize what it refers to. Most books published today have smoothe, machine-cut edges to the pages, not only on the top and bottom of the book, but also the long side of the pages. However, it seems more books are being published with a rough edge on the longer side of the pages to resemble hand-made paper of days past. This rough-textured edge is referred to as a deckle edge.

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I have found my first dust jacket that has a typo in the subtitle. It is a first printing as well. I wonder how much the value increases due to a sloppy proof reader. See Cosmic Connection

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2009 Richmond Lincoln Forum March 13, 2009. Celebrating Lincoln's 200th birthday-1809 to 2009. I met several Lincoln scholars there like; James McPherson, Emory Thomas, etc.

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