These are pics I took with my little 5mp digital camera. I took my 35mm Canon with me with zoom lenses, you can find a link to page 2 that includes those pics below.

I attended, along with over 1 million others, the 2009 Obama Presidential Inauguration.

Metro-rail Subway set a new record of over 970,000 trips prior to 5pm on Inauguration day

These pics show how crazy and crowded everything was. Everything had a line. To park, to board, to go up the escalators, to get on the street, everything.

Youtube video showing a glimpse of what it was like on the Metro subway on Inauguration Day. A new record was set for the number of riders for a day. It show L'Enfant Plaza, the station I used. Click Here

This pic was shot to the right side of where I was. It shows how we were packed in the mall. I was listening to the radio, broadcasting from the area and they said it was like this all the way to the Washington Monument, a total of 1.4 miles. They also said that around 9am, security turned people away because the Mall was too full. Wow, glad I was there by 8am. I left Richmond at 2am. I arrived at the Springfield/Franconia subway station at 3:35am. Due to traffic jam up off the interstate, I couldn't park in the parking deck until 4:15am. After a long line, I boarded the subway at 5:30. There were frequent stops on the subway due to congestion ahead of the train. I arrived at the Mall just prior to 8am. There were lines to get off the subway, go up the escalators, lines on the sidewalks just to get in the Mall. I have never, ever seen so many people in one area.

I turned around to look behind me, and this is a pic taken that way. Crowds going back another .70 miles to the Washington Monument. I was .70 miles from the Capitol, therefore, was at the half-way point, near 4th street.

The Smithsonian Castle is visible on the left-center of the picture.

There was a line of about 6 rows in front of me, beginning at the fence line that separated the reserved ticketed people, who received tickets from their congressmen and senators. They were the lucky ones. There were about 240,000 of them. Then, at 4th street, started the general admission area, where I was.

They had ten jumbo trons set up around the Mall so that everyone could see what was going on. I tuned my radio headphones to a local station that was airing the ceremony. I learned to do that back in '89 with George Herbert Walker Bush's Inauguration, my first one I attended, twenty years ago. I've been to all six inaugurations ever since.

This pic is without the zoom on my digital camera, it shows more realistically what my view was, at .70 miles away, according to my GPS.

The crowd is into it

Rick Warren, the controversial pastor. He authored one of the highest-selling nonfiction books ever, the Purpose Driven Life

The view behind me again, spirits remain high, flags waving, even though we are packed in like sardines.

Barack taking the Oath of Office, administered by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

Barack giving his Inaugural Address. It was less than 20 minutes long

At the conclusion of his Inaugural Address, flags continued to fly

Former President George W. Bush circling in former Marine 1 prior to landing at Andrew's Airforce Base to head to Texas

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