Graves Mountain Bluegrass Festival May and June 2010

My hike to WhiteOak canyon Falls in the Shenandoah on Tuesday, after the Memorial Day crowd left the park.

No bears spotted, but, I did have some natural company

This is the highest falls in White Oak Canyon, at 82'.

I had to jump into my swim trunks to jump in this enticing pool! If felt soooooo good! All the sweat was removed thanks to a refreshing dip. The water was surpringly not too cold.

We had quite a downpour and gust of wind. Any tent not staked down became the subject matter of the next Wizzard of Oz film. Where's Dorothy and Toto?

This is why i have a camper trailer

Poor Gary. He was inside the little tent. I yelled for him to come up under my awning, finally he did.

tent poles bent, canvas ripped. Quite a session of destruction.

The electric was lost in the stage. We had more electricity in the campground thanks to all of our generators. The Seldome Scene played the old fashioned way, without electric mics and amps inside the pavilion.

Andrew having fun

The traveling Bluegrass Band on a golf cart. It don't get any better

low clouds zoom in front of the mountains after a quick rain.

Andrew liks spotting rainbows

Ready to pic with the best of 'em

Cherryholmes up on the stage with Gary in the front row watching them

Poor Jay can't last as long as he used to

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