The main part of this chorus came to me as I was half asleep one weekend morning prior to getting out of bed. I keep a notepad next to my bed for this reason. From out of nowhere this tune popped into my head, 'Going to the Mountain' repeated three times with words behind it each time. I didn't know what those words were but I liked the melody that popped into my head. I jotted down those four words with "x3" next to them-- noting to repeat them three times. I kept playing with that idea and came up with a story of an old man going to the mountain as if he was in the city for some needed reason. He doesn't frequent the city and seemed out of place. Well, one thing led to another and this story resulted. I like the finished work, which resulted from dozens of edits getting the storyline to my liking. The mountain symbolizes the final destination--Heaven, where his family waits for him. The old man wasn't far away. He did what would be expected of him, no matter who the subject was he saved. He wouldn't change a thing. I hope you like it. Can't wait to get a demo cut.

Going To The Mountain

© 2011 J. Andy Delbridge (registered through the U.S. Library of Congress Copyright Office, April 2011)

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He stepped out of what appeared to be
a truck as old as he
That old stranger chose the bar stool
just to the left of me
I asked ďWhat brings you here today?Ē
as he sipped his lemonade
Was it loneliness or his need to talk
the man began to say

"I lost my son, my only one,
to a burglarís gun
Came to the city to pay respect,
my deeds are nearly done
I have no other family I feel theyíre
waitiní for me
Iíve accepted whatís dealt to me
thereís a higher plan I believe."

He continued to say,

"Iím going to the mountain
to relax under the shade
Iím going to the mountain
Iím going home to stay
Iím old and worn, leaving this storm,
trying not to mourn
Iím going to the mountain
itís not too far away"

That lonely old man finished his drink
then left the city behind
He came upon a crash on the mountain
and there wasnít much time
A good deed from that old stranger
whom I met that day
Saved the driver from the burning danger
but with his life he paid

His words haunt me,

(repeat chorus)

News spread about the one who was saved
no longer on the run
The old man wouldnít change a thing knowing
in that car was the burglarís gun

(repeat chorus)

He went to the mountain, went to his family

304 4/19/11

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