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Email me with your desired work days and times. This site is a way to centralize the schedule so each can refer to it. There is no more wondering if a certain day/time is covered. As soon as you email me with your desired work days and times, I will add it to the site. (Delbridge)

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Email me by the link below…


Contact Bowman if there are any questions about the complex. at H: 562-5687 Cell: 349-2348


If you want to post something on this site, email me and I will copy and paste onto this site.

It would help also if you inform me of your vacation dates so that we will know that you won’t be looking for days during your vacation.

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Email me with your desired working time. This schedule is to be used simply as a guide and not for time recording.






1 Thursday

2 Friday

3 Saturday

4 Sunday

5 Monday

6 Tuesday

7 Wednesday

8 Thursday

Delbridgay 6pm-12am


9 Friday

10 Saturday

11 Sunday

12 Monday

13 Tuesday

14 Wednesday

15 Thursday

16 Friday

17 Saturday

18 Sunday

19 Monday

20 Tuesday

21 Wednesday

22 Thursday

23 Friday

24 Saturday

25 Sunday

26 Monday

27 Tuesday

28 Wednesday

29 Thursday

30 Friday


1 Saturday

2 Sunday

3 Monday