I wrote this, or should say, initially began this, while at a bluegrass festival, camping out for several days. I get the feeling I am never really 'finished' writing a song--it is kind of an endless series of edits. I had the idea of when someone closes a door, it brings about a finality. I guess I never really close the door on one of my songs because I edit them all the time. Anyway, when a girlfriend leaves your doorway, you hate to close the door because of the symbolic meaning of completing a wall, or barrier between you and her permanently. Anyone who has feelings for someone doesn't want to close the door to make the break up final, for there may always be a chance at a second chance. At the end, you realize you have to move on and close that door tight--you end up with a change of heart and move on to the next experience.

Change of Heart

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We talked ‘bout the good times we shared
She packed her things though we still cared
I knew as soon as I closed that door
She’d be back no more

We shared one last embrace
She grabbed her bags, tears rolled down her face
Our silence spoke more than words
A result neither deserved

Her silhouette faded into the moonlight
I couldn’t bring myself to close that door
I guess I was counting on she just might
Come back for a new start
She might have a change of heart

This whole episode seemed so mean
I hoped to awaken from this cruel dream
Still couldn’t bring myself to close that door
I sat right there on the floor

repeat chorus

Time to swallow the fact she’s not looking back
When the fog lifts gotta get back on track

Time to move on but afraid of change
Hindsight I wouldn’t change anything
For she helped make me who I am
I’m no less of a man

as chorus:
I finally got up with dawn’s new light
I figured I was ready to close that door
Gotta move on, the time was right
I’ve accepted that we’ve grown apart
It was me with a change of heart

Perhaps she was right
It was time to close that door tight
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