Music is Jimmy Buffett's Sail on Sailor

Summer 2006

June through Labor Day, 2006

Seeing the Wiggles in concert is awesome!!

Daddy bought a $10 Wiggles magazine for me, WOW!!

Don't interrupt my reading, please.

My first wagon ride with my friends in Deltaville

I love riding in the golf cart with PaPa

I like a grass skirt

There you go, trying to interrupt my reading again!

I am giving little flowers to Great Uncle Frank

The following were taken while we were on our Labor Day week vacation at Kerr Reservoir near Henderson, N.C.

Daddy, Can I Go Swimming???

I am ready

The Campsite is behind me

Don't ya think we are a little far out now???

I sure would like a boat

That one should do fine

I remember my Uncle Curtis taking me out on his boat a few months ago

You gotta extra beer??

I love the Drive In...

...just wish I could remember the movie

On our way home

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