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Andrew Delbridge

I haven't updated my site for a while. I was too busy keeping mommy and daddy busy changing diapers.

October, 2005

at about 10 months

Background music is the Talking Heads' "Stay Up Late"

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These pictures were taken in October 2005.

Just Chillin'

No Cavities Yet......

....Ofcourse! I only have two teeth!!!!

I Can't stand up yet by myself, so I have to dance in my chair

See, I can hold the bottle myself...

...and make a mess at the same time!

I am crawling fast, get out of my way!

Ok, Ok, I will do this, but don't show my girlfriend when I am 15.

Did I scare Ya ???!?

I shouldn't have put that beer in my bottle last night

Hi Gramma!!!

A few more adjustments to my web site.....there, that should do it.

My First Car Show

The first annual Hot Rods and Customs Car Show at RIR (Richmond Int'l Raceway)

Great Uncle Jerry

Cousin Pam


Hi Uncle Curt

You know I can't walk yet

Ummm! A banana is good!

MiMi doesn't get to hold a panda bear too often

Do you know how old MiMi is???? click


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