My Autumn Vacation, October 20-29, 2012 all around Virginia's mountains, from the Shenandoah National Park through the Shenandoah Valley, up the Blue Ridge Parkway and hiking the Crabtree Falls Trail

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All photos here are copyright protected 2012 J.A. Delbridge

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Meems Bottom Covered Bridge

A handsome guy standing at the bridge foundation

Meems Bottom Bridge

A four second shutter put an interesting effect on a passing schoolbus

An extended shutter opening time creates a ghostly image of a car passing by with its blurred light trail

From within the covered bridge

Orion Rising

The Big Dipper flying upside down

Sar Trails

Sunrise on Sunday morning

My temporary home in the George Washington National Forest near Stuart's Draft

A foggy morning on the Blue Ridge Mountains

An old logging railroad

Crabtree Falls

gotta love tripods and self=timers to record the moment

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