A cloudy weekend in July--perfect for taking pictures of waterfalls. Crabtree Falls in the George Washington Nat'l Forest and Jones Run Falls in the Shenandoah Nat'l Park, July 21-22, 2012

Taken with my Canon Rebel EOS T2i digital SLR.

All photos here are copyright protected 2012 J.A. Delbridge

Crabtree Falls

A few tricks of the trade of waterfall photography; wait for a cloudy day to avoid the harsh, bright sunlight. Subtle, difused light from cloudcover creates the ideal situation for photos. Also, the get motion blur of the water, I like a shutter release of at least 3 or 4 seconds. To allow this, a neutral density filter should be used to limit the light coming in the lens, thereby allowing a longer shutter time. Also, a smaller f-stop aperture, like 22-27 or so will increase the focal field and, again, limit the light coming in, allowing a longer shutter release. Also a 100 ISO also allows a slower shutter release versus a 400, 800 or higher. A tripod is a must with such a slow shutter release to reduce blur. To also reduce blur, use your camera's 2 second self timer or a remote shutter release so you won't have to touch the camera when taking pics which will cause movement of the camera. Now, with that info, go take a hike!!

Upper Crabtree Falls, about 1.7 miles up the mountain. The volume of water wasn't too impressive. Perhaps I'll go back in April or early May next year. This would be a nice hike in the Autumn if the water level is up as well.

Sunday morning I awoke from my campsite with fog all around. Driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway, I had to reduce speed to below 10mph due to the fog. Here I am leaving the Blue Ridge Parkway about to enter the Shenandoah Nat'l Park and Skyline Drive at Rockfish Gap.

The clouds floating over the mountain tops creating quite a bit of fog. I really wanted to get to the waterfalls with fog around them, which would make for interesting pictures. But, the fog didn't quite get down to 1800 feet or so where the falls were.

Bumblebees doing their thing

Lower Jones Run Falls in the Shenandooah Nat'l Park. It is about 1.7 miles below the Skyline Drive

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