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a couple of pics of Humpback Bridge in Covington, Va on the way to West Virginia, Oct 18 2013

A couple of covered bridges near Lewisburg, WV on the way the Beckley

This is at a campsite at Glen Jean, WV, near the ghost town of Thurmond. I slept at this campsite, alongside the New River, Saturday night oct 19 2013 after being in Fayetteville, WV for Bridge Day

My campsite is seen in the clearing on the right side of this pic, which is taken from the bridge seen in the previous pic

The historic ghost town of Thurmond, WV, part of the New River Gorge National River, now maintained by the National Park Service. There used to be nearly 500 people living here during the busy days of coal mining in the area, prior to the 1950's. In 1873 the C&O put the railroad through here and Thurmond grew to be the busiest rail depot in the area. Now there are 5 residents of the town.

A quick read of the history of Thurmond and its buildings

Amtrak flies by the old town of Thurmond. It will make a stop if someone is disembarking or catching the train.

a couple of Union Pacific engines bringing empty coal cars to parts west for refilling of coal.

A CSX train hauling full cars of coal to Hampton Roads to load up ships of the black rocks.

Built in the 1920's, this coal loader for the old engines still stands as a relic to the past in Thurmond.

The main street at Thurmond is the rail road. These now-abandonded businesses stand as a sign of the past. The movie "Matewan" was filmed here to represent the town of Matewan, WV during, what history calls the Matewan Massacre--where striking coal miners and the coal company owners were at odds resulting in the deaths of many, including the Mayor of the town, Hatfield.

I awoke from my campsite at the Army Campground near Prince, WV and walked a couple of hundred yards to the river as the sun was rising and shining on one side of the gorge, while the other side was still in the shadow of the mountains. I took several shots of this interesting scene (following several pics).

After two nights at the Army campground, which, by the way, like many campgrounds in the gorge, is free and run by the National Park Service, I went to Babcock State Park near Clifftop, WV for a couple of nights. It was $23 each night at the state cammpgrounds, which are very pleasant and, most importantly had hot showers. This Glade Creek Grist Mill is the focal point of the Babcock State Park, which sits within the New River Gorge National River area.

Two bridges at Prince, WV--the vehiclular bridge (green) and the CSX railroad bridge just on the other side of it.

The CSX bridge at Prince crossing the New River

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