A few pics from my annual Graves Mt Bluegrass Festival vacation---and some sights around Madison County

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At least the deer stopped and looked both ways before crossing the trail

A church behind the Graves Mountain property along the river

The packing shed at Graves Mountain, across from the Syria Mercantile, also owned by Graves

Syria Mercantile

Entrance to the Graves Mt Lodge

Graves Mt Lodge

Nethers Mill - Nethers, VA

Nethers Mill

The Graves Mill site, Graves Mill, VA

The Mill House Bed and Breakfast, Graves Mill, VA

Graves Mill

Graves Mill

Graves Chapel, circa 1885

Hebron Lutheran Church, 1740 - The oldest continually used Lutheran church in America. Note the many equestrian mounting/dismounting platforms on each side of the church. A necessity when wearing the church attire.

Hebron Lutheran Church, 1740 - one of only 4 wooden churches left in VA that predate the Revolutionary War

Hebron Lutheran Church, 1740

Hebron Lutheran Church, 1740 Cemetery

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The last night of the festival someone pulled out some sparklers

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