A few pics from my annual Graves Mt Bluegrass Festival vacation---and some sights around Madison County

Full Moon over the camping area of Graves Mt Lodge

Some pics along the Skyline Drive

Awesome views along the Skyline Drive

Old Rag Mountain. Three days later I hiked to the top of that mountain.

Sunset towards the west, looking towards New Market Gap through Massanutten Mountain. Further to the west is the Allegheny Mountain range where West Virginia begins

A few different versions of the same area during sunset

Old Rag Mountain after sunset, looking east from the Skyline Drive

Cooking at the campsite--I love cooking with cast iron over charcoal.

Pic taken from the front of my campsite looking northeast around 2am with a long 3 minute exposure---note the star trails.

Another 2am shot with long exposure and star trails. Note the full moon movement during the 3 minute exposure at night

For 14 years I have had the same campsite during the annual Graves Mt music festival.

I keep a few lanterns hanging on my camper awning

On my way up to the summit of Old Rag Mountain, I stumble across a bear

on top of Old Rag Mountain...the granite boulders are amazing. Formed over 1 billion years ago when our contintent slammed into the European continent forming these Blue Ridge Mountains. The friction caused the rocks to melt into magma forming granite.

Rain moves into the hollow below

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The last night of the festival someone pulled out some sparklers


Updated June, 2013

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