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About three miles away from the mansion is Washington's Grist Mill and Whiskey Distillery. We toured these prior to returning back to the mansion for our Potomac cruise and dinner

This is Washington's Grist Mill. We had a picnic lunch here prior to our 1pm tour

The mill race isn't as long as the two-mile race that once was here. The mill pond, which needed to be at a level higher than the mill wheel inside the building, was a ways a way and at a higher elevation. Now, thanks to electric pumps and recycled water within, the mill is back to being operational.

The largest distillery in the world in its day, this was Washington's most lucrative business

The distillery still produces all kinds of whiskey and is the only one in the nation to produce it the same way they did in the 18th century. During off-season, they prodcue many hundreds of gallons of alcohol and sell them in the gift shops. However, they sell out quite quickly each Spring--usually lasting only a few weeks on the shop shelves.

Another visit to one of the gardens. Loving the macro feature on my camera

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