Debra and I went to Mt. Vernon on our 10th Wedding Anniversay. Debra thought of a perfect way to celebrate our day together. The weather was beautiful too.

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George inherited this house that his father began on land George's grandfather received. However, the house was much smaller before George expanded either side it and added another story and a half.

What a view over the Potomac

The two windows on either side of the main front door were the extent of the original house built by Augustine Washington, George's father. When George's older brother died, George inherited the estate. George added a left and right wing.

The "necessary", or outbuilding for doing the necessary business. Culture is indeed different now--I don't believe people want company when conducting this type of necessary business

Visiting one of the gardens

Washington's greenhouse

This is one of two Tulip Poplar trees George planted in 1785 in his front yard (GW died in 1799). The long front yard was desinged to create a grand entrance to the mansion as travelers came up. The yard was called a bowling green, where games could be played. It was lined with trees, including these two tulip poplars, on either side of the green to gradually narrow towards the house from both sides to direct attention to the grand house

Debra standing near the other 1785 Tulip Poplar, on the other side of the green.

This pecan tree was planted in 1850, and, in the next picture,you see the tree just to the left of the house, as seen from the direction of the river. While cruising out in the Potomac, the tree is very visible for a long way away as evident in pics on page 3 of this website

The Pecan Tree was planted 162 years ago in 1850. George and Martha's bedroom is on this side of the house, on the second floor, where the little windows are. This is the room GW died in, while in bed, December 1799.

I saw that there was no one walking or standing in front of the house, so, what did I do? I snapped another picture!!! It is rare to not see signs of the 21st century in every picture, as in the weird clothes the many visitors of today wear.

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